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Our Comprehensive Process

The Process

We believe that helping our clients plan for their financial future is more than just reviewing your current finances. Our team sits down for an in-person meeting with each client to learn more about them individually, professionally and as a family. We learn about your goals and where you see yourself down the road and do our best to help you pursue those hopes and dreams.  After our initial meeting we create a personalized portfolio and financial plan that we feel would set our client up for the most success. 

Caring for our clients is not something we do on our own, if we feel it's necessary we will bring in CPAs, probate attorneys or bankers to help us with the comprehensive financial plan. We are the first to admit it takes a village to raise a family and planning for the financial future is no different. 

Once a client is onboarded, we regularly review your plan and portfolio and meet with you to make sure you are maintaining your financial commitments and on track to work towards your goals. 

Financial planning shouldn't be one size fits all

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning

Our financial plans and portfolios are tailored to you

Growing Your Future

Growing Your Future

We work hard to make sure you pursue your goals

Step by Step

1. Meet with you to understand your needs

2. Develop financial plan and portfolio around those needs

3. Onboard you as a client

4. Regularly review portfolio and plan

5. Meet with you to make sure you're on track to work towards your goals

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